SEO Campaigns – Improve Your Website Rankings

Your products and services appearing on the first page of Google is the goal of any SEO campaign. However, there is a lot more to attracting new customer, than just having good rankings.

What Does a Good SEO Campaign Consist of?

Correct, unique, targeted content
If the correct content is not on your web site, then you simply won’t be listed by the major search engines for your products and services. Potential customers are also looking for information that may eventually lead to a purchase, so careful though is also needed about what content will attract customers in the early stages of the buying cycle.

A web site that Google will actually rank
Most web site designers build web sites that look good. All too often the way in which they are constructed damages the sites intent, so that is is misunderstood by Google. Design elements that use important heading tags is a usual offender, along with poorly structured content.

The first step in any online marketing campaign is to perform a technical audit of the web site and correct any issues that are causing problems.

Web site authority and age
Google increasingly does not rank web sites with young domain names high in the rankings, probably, in an attempt to weed out churn and burn sites. Domain authority needs to be built up slowly, so that Google (and Bing and Yahoo) will see it as a trustworthy site and be happy to include it higher in the search results.

Trusted image, USP and Calls to Action
Are you giving out the right image, building trust, sending the right messages, asking the right questions? What will make people want to make an enquiry or a purchase?

All of these elements combine together to build a successful SEO campaign.

Digital Marketing – Inbound Marketing – Online Marketing – SEO

There are a lot of terms used these days to describe the business of using the internet to drive sales. There are various ways that digital marketing can be used to improve your online business including:

  • Social Media e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin – drives about 5% of online sales
  • Paid Search e.g. Google Adwords – drives about 21% of online sales
  • Online Directories e.g. Yell – virtually useless for online sales
  • Organic Search (SEO) – drive around 51% of online sales

A good digital marketing campaign can comprise a mix of all the above elements. By far the most influential on your bottom line will be SEO. I can use social media and paid search to complement your SEO campaign.

Based in Rugby, Warwickshire, Helping Businesses UK Wide

Although I manage client SEO campaigns from my base in Rugby, Warwickshire, the nature of the work, means that it can be carried out remotely, apart from attending client meetings.

Viv Carter - SEO Consultant

What My Clients Say

"We were first introduced to Viv shortly after setting up our own practice. We had initially attempted to build our own web site although it was soon clear from the poor rankings that we needed some serious professional help. Viv kindly agreed to take us on and within a matter of only a few days we had moved to page one of Google, without expending anything on Google advertising. Since then Viv has been instrumental in developing the website further, such that we are now receiving email enquiries and calls on a daily basis. Viv’s level of knowledge in this specialist field are quite extraordinary and her fees represent the best investment that we will probably make." Richard AB Saville, Senior Partner, Corporate Financial Solutions
"From the offset, Viv’s experience & knowledge in Search Engine Optimisation & PPC management has been invaluable to our agency. Communication has always been clear, concise and first class. No job is to big or to small for Viv, she has successfully looked after a range of different marketing campaigns for our agency ranging from clients spending £350 per month looking to rank locally to national ecommerce clients turning over hundreds of thousands of pounds per month. I am pleased to say that under Viv’s consultancy we have a 100% retention & satisfaction record with all of our marketing clients, I put this down to her ability to go the extra mile. I really couldn’t recommend highly enough." Adam Collins, Creative Director, Currantweb
"Having worked with Viv for many years we have always found her approach to be ethical and professional with strong results from her hardwork. Viv’s background in coding and building websites provides an essential bridge in knowledge between a website itself and the SEO that compliments it." Richard Simms, Managing Director, FA Simms & Partners